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Launchenomics, Transparency, and Commitment to the Community

3 min readSep 14, 2021

If you read enough of our tweets, you’ll see the phrase “It isn’t fun winning alone.” This is core to the ethos of Scapes, that there’s something larger at play. If money is going to be so broken that JPEGs can sell for millions, then we need to be good stewards of those funds.

These days, there’s a big debate going on about mint prices. There’s not nearly enough conversation about what should be done with the funds that are raised (though kudos to @0x_fxnction for taking the 100% charity route though).

Scapes priorities break down as follows, in this order:
1. Evolution
2. Price Stewardship
3. Social Responsibility
4. Team Reward

We’ll save the details of our roadmap for its own article, but Scapes Team is in it for the innovation. We want to build not only the tech to allow our product to stand out, but to contribute overall to Solana innovation and infrastructure. Scapes will have a dedicated fund for expanding our engineering team to achieve these goals.

Price Stewardship
Our primary tactic for price stewardship will be a floor sweeping fund and long-term hold of the swept Scapes and Scape Elements. This will guarantee a rising floor, and by buying and holding large numbers of Scapes, scarcity will be buoyed in the early days. A dedicated fund will be set aside for this purpose.

Social Responsibility
Folks… Money is broken. Solana NFTs have the cheat codes, and the gains are disconnected from reality. If you ever needed proof that we’re living in a simulation, the programmers tipped their hand with NFTs.

But what an awesome power. What a truly awesome power. These days, a simple release of 10,000 monkey pictures turns into $10M.

With great power…

Scapes will have a dedicated fund for giving, though we are still in the process of selecting the right organization to partner with.

Team Reward

Scapes is far from a one-person show. Currently, Scapes is a team of 5 working to bring the NFT world something awesome, not just in terms of pretty pictures, but also in terms of mechanics to foster engagement and investment growth. We are eager to reward our team appropriately for delivering and exceeding expectations.

Beyond the core team, there are a host of others, early supporters, community managers, etc. that we want to thank for their contributions in some manner. We’re exploring the idea of a DAO, provided we can achieve it without running afoul of securities laws.

Allocation of Funds

  • 5% to company operations (Yes, Scapes will be starting an LLC. These costs will cover legal, contracts, accounting, etc.)
  • 10% to hiring additional contractors. This number is relatively low due to the strength of the current team.
  • 15% to charitable causes
  • 20% to floor sweeping fund. Note that the wallet for this will be made known to the public for the purposes of transparency, and all Scapes and Elements will be held for a minimum of 12 months.
  • 50% to Scapes team


In an upcoming article, we’ll discuss how the community will set the price using Fair Launch Protocol.

We’ve toyed with 0 SOL launch ideas and all kinds of things, but at the end of the day, that makes it difficult to achieve a robust roadmap. When you review the allocation of funds above, priorities and incentives are well-balanced between team and community.

Scapes currently plans to pursue the Fair Launch Protocol as a pre-sale with a price between 0.25 SOL and 3.0 SOL, trusting the community to find a price that works for all of us.

This mint price will apply to all three of Scapes mint phases:
1. Initial Mint
2. Dismantling Mint — turns your Scape into separate NFTs for each element of the Scape
3. Rebuild Mint — turns Scape elements into a personalized NFT


This article lays out many things we feel are critical to success. But we’d love to hear your point of view. Please share any feedback in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Discord.




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