Scapes: And now for something completely different…

3 min readSep 9, 2021

Solana NFT community… you have been legends. Ab-so-lute legends. I have had more fun this summer than at any time in my professional career. JPEGs… who would have thought?

However, there’s still so much room for growth. Solana NFT infrastructure is nascent, the subject matter of NFTs is relatively narrow, launches have continued to struggle, and fundamental innovation in the NFT space is still in its infancy.

What’s the idea behind Scapes?

We always loved the idea of an NFTs that can fit together in some way, orNFTs that were made up of smaller parts, where you had a greater value NFT made up of smaller value pieces.

The current trend in Solana NFTs is either abstract art or character-driven art, each with varying attributes. So you might get an ASSC Ape with an ice body and viper sunglasses, or a kickass wave-style FRAKT with rainbow coloring if you’re a lucky son-of-a…

However, in all of these cases, the attributes can’t stand alone. You wouldn’t likely have an NFT of just Bold Badger laser eyes.

Each Scape is an amazing landscape image formatted as a Twitter header, but most of our attributes, which we call elements, are capable of standing on their own as independent illustrations (and they make pretty good profile pics too for a one-two punch).

As an example, here’s the first Scape we produced as a trial:

Full Scape with 10 different elements

Our elements are in two categories. Feature elements can standalone as independent images (and their own future NFTs), and Ambiance elements help build out the setting, but aren’t significant enough to standalone.

Here are the feature elements in the above Scape.

Wilderness (Avatar floating mountains)
Bridge (Seri Wawasan bridge in Malaysia)
Skyline (Rio de Janeiro)
Disaster (Meteor)
Coastline (Cliff with lighthouse)
Ocean (Blue whales)
Flying (UFO)
Subterranean (Bear cave)

The Ambiance elements include weather, time of day, and sky.

Currently, there are over 3 billion possible combinations in Scapes! That’s over 9000!

What makes Scapes different?

Over the next few weeks, we will share more about the journey we’re on and how Scapes will define itself in the Solana and NFT market overall.

Here are the topics we’ll cover:
1. Introducing personalized NFTs with rarity preservation (released 9/9/21)
2. Strategies for fair launches
Launchenomics and Scapes’ commitment to giving back (released 9/14/21)
4. DAO explorations
5. Seasons and technology roadmap
6. Reconsidering rarity
7. Timeline, launch methodology, mint fees and life in the Scapes world.

If these ideas connect with you, we hope you’ll spread the word.




Mint your world with fantastical wilderness scenes, familiar cityscapes, playful oceans, subterranean intrigue, and the occasional world-ending disaster.