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Introducing personalized NFTs with rarity preservation

2 min readSep 9, 2021


These days, the average NFT launch is about 5k-10k NFTs, and yet most NFT projects have far more possible combinations. For example, doing a little math on the assets page of Solana Monkey Business can show you that they have 4,371,840 possible combinations, which means their 5,000 NFTs represent only 0.1% of all possible combos. Who knows how many awesome combinations didn’t make the cut?

Generally, NFT projects do limited curation on their combinations, and the on-chain generated projects do zero curation. This actually leaves a lot of room for innovation post launch.

NFT Personalization Mechanics on Scapes

Scapes will introduce two brand-new NFT mechanisms: dismantling and rebuilding.


Dismantling your Scapes NFT allows you to break up your Scape NFT into its feature elements, each of which is its own NFT which you can buy and sell in the hunt for better, rarer elements. There can be 5–8 feature elements in any Scape, so this action yields 5–8 new NFTs.


If you like your Scapes Element NFTs better than full Scape NFTs, great! Keep them and trade them forever.

However… if you want, you can build up the baddest, rarity-optimized scape possible by taking your favorite Scape Elements and rebuilding them into a full-sized Scape, which you can then put on the market again!

Preserving Rarity

As cool as this all sounds, some of you have probably already identified the risks. Will rare Scapes and rare Scape elements get diluted??

Thankfully, no. Whenever a Scape is dismantled, the original Scape is burned as if it never existed, and up to 8 new NFTs are minted. When you use Scape Elements to build your new Scape, we block any duplicate Scapes from being created (so no one will be able to clone your badass Scape even if they also have the same Scape Elements). If you have compiled an eligible Scape (pretty good odds when we will mint only 0.0003% of all possible Scapes), then we burn the Scape Elements and mint your brand new Scape.

By the way, if you got here from the Gleam.io competition, the code is PERSONALIZED


We are so excited to bring this amazing mechanism to the NFT world, both in Solana and eventually beyond! This will be an amazing way to explore the unminted canvas, grow your investment, increasing trading and earning opportunities for holders, and generally make NFTs a hell of a lot more fun.




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